Module netio

lua-netio is a library to control outputs of NETIO 4x smart power sockets from NETIO products a.s.


new (opts) Create new instance.


new (opts)
Create new instance. It invokes the new() function of the submodule, specified via opts.api


  • opts options table with arguments
    • url string URL or IP of the Netio socket you want to speak with
    • port int Additional port (can also be written directly into the URL) (optional)
    • user string Name of the user, who has the right to read and/or write to the API (optional)
    • pass string The password of the user (optional)
    • api string specify which API should be used (json or url) (default 'url')


    object Instance table


    local Netio = require('netio')
    local socket_url_api ={
        url = '',
        pass = 'demo'
    local socket_json_api ={
        url = '',
        user = 'demo',
        pass = 'demo',
        api = 'json'
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